Questions? We’re happy to answer your questions, but they may have already been asked. Have a read through the list below and you might be able to save yourself some time. If your question isn’t listed below, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at woof@wagalotbrands.com.au or call us on 03 9775 1099.

  • Are your products Australian made?

Wagalot Brands are an Australian based company that produces approx. 90% of the products we supply, from Australian sourced ingredients. We’re pretty proud to be one of the companies that actually handcraft their own products and we do it in Australia.

The only products we sell that are not made here in Melbourne are non-edibles (like the cookie jars) so you never need worry about the health and safety of your furry friends with any Wagalot Brands food.

  • Do your carob and yoghurt buds come from sustainable sources?

Yes. All of our carob and yoghurt buds (vanilla, strawberry, banana) are obtained from certified sustainable sources. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Can dogs eat carob/yoghurt/garlic etc..? I’ve heard bad things.

It never hurts to do your own research, but when it comes to what is safe for your pups to eat, we’ve done so much for you already. We have thoroughly researched this for you but you will always find some debate on certain ingredients.

Certain foods like chocolate are really bad for dogs – that is why we use the dog-safe alternative, carob. Then there are foods like garlic can be bad if consumed in large quantities – small amounts can actually be beneficial. We strongly recommend that all treats be given in moderation though as even too much of the healthy stuff can upset a pup’s tummy.

  • Why choose Wagalot Brands?

We’re an Australian born and bred company who prides itself on handcrafting fun, tasty dog treats and lots more that make tails wag. A lot.

We pride ourselves on making your Wagalot experience a fast and easy one.

  • What payment options do you offer?

We offer credit card payments of any kind.

  • Can I cancel or change an order?

To change or cancel an order, you’ll have to contact us before shipping. You can do this via emailing woof@wagalotbrands.com or calling 03 9775 1099. Once you’ve made contact, it’s a fairly simple process.

  • How soon will my order be sent?

As soon as your order is paid, we’ll put it together and have it out to you in 1-2 business days. We try not to keep you waiting, but sometimes things are out of our hands – if there’s a delay we’ll let you know.

  • Do you ship to P.O Boxes?

We ship your order with a courier and so we can’t send to a P.O. box.

  • Do you ship overseas?

No, not yet. We do have a few things in the pipeline, but for now we’re Australia wide only. We’ll let you know as soon as this changes. Promise.

  • Melting carob/yoghurt – It burned or it won’t melt – why?

This is one of the questions we get more than any other. There are a couple of really short, simple answers to these questions – and then there’s the forum. We’ve put together a whole list of notes over in our forum section if you prefer the detailed option. We use these guidelines daily.

The first, and quite often only, question we need to ask is, what power setting was the microwave on? Many people have skimmed the instructions on the back of the pack and popped the carob in to the microwave like you would with anything else, punched in the time, hit start and then wondered why it burned. Please, set your microwave to it’s lowest power setting before attempting to melt carob or yoghurt. The high sugar content will make it burn quickly if the heat is too high.

If it won’t melt, we suggest popping it back in on the low power setting and heating it for short bursts of 15-20 seconds at a time. Stirring it once it has started to melt can really help the process also.

  • Can I pay for an order and have it sent to a different address?

Of course. If the address is in Australia and isn't a P.O. box, then we'd be happy to send it for you. When you checkout, you'll find room to enter both a billing address and a shipping address, fill them in and we'll take it from there.

  • is there a minimum order quantity?

Yes, we have a $30 minimum order quantity. It just makes sense with shipping. So go on, add some pupcorn.

  • I bought one of your products from a pet store. Something was missing / out of date. What do I do now?

We love feedback. Good or bad. Please, feel free to call or email us with your concern. If there's an issue at our end, we'll get it fixed. ASAP.

However, the best thing to do is to return the product to the place of purchase and follow their return policy.

  • My child ate a doggy donut. Should I take him to a doctor or a vet?
We use human grade and natural ingredients wherever possible. On top of that, most of our staff have tried most of our products themselves. So, no visit to the doctor or vet will be needed. You might want to head to the park to work off some of the energy, though. Zoomies, anyone?