Planning a Puppy Party - A How To Guide.

Whether you're planning a party for your furry friend's birthday, adoption day, graduation from puppy pre-school, or just for the fun of it, here's some tips for the day.

  • Do invite dogs that your dog already knows well.
  • Do have plenty of food on hand, spread it over the course of the party.
  • Do check with other owners for any food allergies their dogs might have.
  • Do have more than one drinking water station.
  • Do supply magic bags (poop bags) and have a designated bin for owners to clean up after their pups.

Handy Hint: If any of your four-legged guests have social issues, suggest their owners keep them on a leash, especially if in a public park or garden.

As for the party itself, themes are always fun.

  • You could have a sports team party and have your pooch dress in "their" team's colours.
  • Or a cocktail party for the sophisticated pooch to wear their evening gown or bow tie.
  • Perhaps favourite movie/book/tv characters - who doesn't love seeing dogs dressed up like Batman or Princess Leia?

Image result for dogs in elvis costume

Prepare some fun doggy games such as "roll over", tug-o-war, and agility races. Don't forget prizes for the winners!!

So, send out some invitations, hang some streamers and balloonsgrab some treats, light the candles & roll out the cake - 'cause it's Party Time!!